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Job Boards / ATS Companies - Submit Your Jobs Via XML Feed

NOTICE: We have temporarily suspended our practice of accepting XML feeds from job board partners. Please contact us is you have any questions or concerns. If you are a current partner, we will notify you via email when/if our program is reinstated. Thank you!


We Accept XML Bulk Job Uploads from Job Boards and ATS Companies.

  • Your jobs will be included in our organic search results.
  • You jobs will NOT be syndicated out to our job distribution network.
  • Organic job search results are displayed strictly according to relevance.
  • If a paying employer posts an identical posting, your job will be removed to avoid duplicates in our search results.

Employers who would like to submit jobs via XML must register for our Unlimited Job Posting plan.

Quality Guidelines
  • All jobs must be for healthcare-related positions (medical, dental, biotech or pharmaceutical, etc).
  • All jobs must be posted for a location within the United States.
  • All jobs must have been posted directly to your website or ATS.
  • Jobs reposted from other sites must be excluded from the feed.
  • Each job in the feed must include a link to the job description
  • URLs you provide must be permanent links directly to the job description.
  • Pop-ups and other obstructions in the user's path are forbidden.
  • You must NOT require the user to log in to view the job description.
  • You must NOT include expired or closed jobs in your XML feed.
  • Quality controls must be in place (No pyramid schemes, MLM, scams, etc.).
  • CareerVitals may reject individual jobs or the entire feed at our sole discretion.
  • Feed Format: We prefer XML files in the CareerVitals XML Format, we can still map most other reasonable XML formats correctly, if the required fields are present. Please contact us to see if we can take your XML feed as is.
  • Required Fields: Job Title, Company Name, Detail Page URL, City, State, Zip, Job Code/Unique Identifier
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