Job Description


Baccalaureate degree in the medical sciences from an accredited college/university.

Preferred Education:

Successful completion of an accredited histotechnology program and ASCP registered.


2 years of full time acceptable experience in a histopathology laboratory.

Function and Scope:

The preparation and staining of tissue for diagnosis by a pathologist.

Essential Functions:

  1. Receives and accessions all surgical specimens, maintaining the integrity of the specimens throughout the processing.
  2. Assist the pathologists in cutting specimens for tissue processing.
  3. Decalcifies bone marrow biopsies and other bone specimens thus rendering them free of calcium salts enabling them to be sectioned.
  4. Embeds fixed, dehydrated, cleared and infiltrated tissue samples in tissue embedding medium. Precise orientation in embedding mold is essential so that sections can be cut in known correct plane.
  5. Prepares 2-4micron thick paraffin sections using the rotary microtome. Must have thorough knowledge of the microtome, the dexterity and sectioning techniques to obtain optimum sections which are free from artifacts, knife marks, compression, etc. for pathologist’s examination.
  6. Routine staining which includes the ability to stain slides with routine Hematoxylin & Eosin and knowledge of the automatic stainer
  7. Coverslips slides using the Sakura coverslipper.
  8. Label slides with correct surgical accession numbers and matching the requisition with the correct slides.
  9. Prepare and stain tissue for the identification of bacteria, fungus, cancer, enzymes, antigens or tissue structure abnormalities
  10. Prepare all solutions used for special stains and special histological procedures according to handling guidelines of the MSDS sheets and the solution preparation guidelines.
  11. Maintain all necessary documentation concerning recording of workload, record keeping, temperature charts, preventative maintenance, etc.
  12. Ensure that all completed tissue blocks, and slides are filed in correct numerical order.
  13. Responsible for operating and maintaining laboratory equipment to prevent breakdown and repair.

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Requires the dexterity and skill to handle many different kinds of fragile, delicate and extremely small tissue specimens.
  2. Requires the ability and dexterity to operate many pieces of complicated laboratory equipment.
  3. Must be willing to be cross-trained in immunohistochemistry.
  4. Minimum of two years’ experience working as a histologist.
  5. The combination of scientific knowledge with highly technical skills to provide diagnostic patient care.

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