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RN Registered Nurse

Memphis, TN

RN Registered Nurse

Job Description


Registered Nurse

Health Link Lead Clinical Care Coordinator

GENERAL FUNCTION: The person occupying this position acts as a lead clinical care coordinator who, as part of a care team coordinates with medical professionals and care coordinators to provide services and linkage to primary care services through the Health Link program.

SUPERVISORY RESPOSIBILITY: Care Coordinators in Health Link

QUALIFICATIONS; KNOWLEDGE AND REQUIRED TRAINING: The person occupying this position must have a Diploma or Associates Degree in Nursing and be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Tennessee or have a Multi-State license.


1. To assess the needs and problems of individual clients enrolled in Health Link.

2. To work closely with the care coordinators in the development of a comprehensive person centered care plans for Health Link clients.

3. To make recommendations regarding the treatment of Health Link clients.

4. To evaluate the progress of clients in treatment.

5. Assist in remedying any barriers to necessary medications and indicated treatments.

6. To coordinate with primary care providers in the community in order to bridge the gap for mentally ill individuals who need to be linked to needed primary care services.

7. Monitor the primary care services Health Link individuals are receiving and act as consultant for the primary care provider.

8. To evaluate the effectiveness of medication in managing the symptoms of the client.

9. To monitor the medication for adverse effects, adverse reactions, drug-drug interactions, drug- food interactions and drug-disease interactions.

10. Based on the evaluation performed and with the purpose of optimizing the pharmacotherapy, referral to the prescribing professional as to the proper drug selection, dosage adjustment and treatment of adverse effects, adverse reactions and/or interactions.

11. Immediately alert the prescribing professional to any of the following findings: serious adverse effects/reactions/interactions of medications, medical conditions and/or medications which may require alteration of current medication, exhibiting a serious emotional crisis, exacerbation of illness or symptoms, suicidal or homicidal ideation, and development of a serious medical complication.

12. To complete documentation regarding care coordinating services provided to clients enrolled in Health Link.

13. To educate the client about their mental and physical illness and how their medications act to control their disease state, the importance of complying with the medication and coping with the adverse effects, adverse reaction and interaction which may accompany the medication.

14. To educate the client and/or family regarding key components of their care to maintain compliance and stabilization.

15. To communicate with the prescribing professional, members of the mental health treatment team and other health care providers including the Primary Care Physician in an effort to coordinate efficient and effective care for the client.

16. To monitor the frequency with which the individual client needs to see the prescribing professional and to work with care coordinators to schedule the client accordingly.

17. To make referrals to other agencies and/or other staff.

18. To participate in discharge planning.

19. To complete documentation within required Center time frames.

20. Other duties as assigned.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: In order to appropriately accomplish his/her duties, the person occupying this position will be required to maintain effective relationships with the professional clinical staff and the clients of Alliance Healthcare Services.


Send resume to: [Email Removed] />
or mail resume to:

Human Resources - HL RN
2220 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

or fax resume to:


"Your Partner in Healthcare"


Job Requirements

The person occupying this position must have a Diploma or Associates Degree in Nursing and be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Tennessee or have a Multi-State license.

About Alliance Healthcare Services

Alliance Healthcare Services is the largest comprehensive behavioral health provider in Shelby County, and was formed in July 2013 through the merger of Southeast Mental Health Center and Comprehensive Counseling Network, each of which has provided services in the Memphis/Shelby County area for over 40 years. We are proud that our tradition of commitment to serving our community continues today.

Keywords: Licensed, Registered Nurse, Psychiatric, RN, Mental Health, Associates Degree

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